Putaruru Blue Spring: Clear As!

Humans contaminating the water.

Still amazed. Still astounded. Still astonished by New Zealand. This article will remain short and simple for the simple topic discussed: clear water. Woo!

Back in England, I am used to the murky shopping trolly-filled things we call rivers. Where the stench licks your face and children go in for swim only to emerge with tapeworm. But, once again, New Zealand triumphs anything else I have ever seen by having the clearest river, the Waihou River.

Cabbage tree be all like: “Shit, son! Look at that clear river!”

Blue water flowing through this luscious green vegetation with native trees (cabbage, ferns and whatnot), this place looks like a magical fairytale land. But if we stop using our imaginations for a second, the Blue Spring supplies 70 per cent of New Zealand’s bottled water. That’s how pure it is!

Magical land of Middle Earth.

Magical land of Middle Earth.

The Blue Spring is located along the Te Waihou Walkway, Putaruru. For those who don’t know where the hell that is, it’s in south Waikato, North Island… New Zealand. To walk along the river you can make a three hour return journey from Whites Road or take a super quick walk from Leslie Road. Google Map it; you’ll find it. We took the latter option because most our day was filled releasing a super cute kiwi bird into the wild!

Anyway, I digress. We were talking ridiculously clear water. We simply couldn’t resist jumping in. As you can see… it was pretty painful.

F@*&ing freezing!

Screw this! Get me out!

Screw this! Get me out!

Never before has my ass been so cold it went numb. My skin felt like it was being pricked by needles. The water also had a strange effect on our emotions; we were all stupidly giddy. Guess this place is pretty magical after all.

Hold those smiles, people!

Hold those smiles, people!


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