A Very New Zealand Christmas

Merry Belated Christmas, bitches! Boy band formation!

Merry Belated Christmas, bitches! Boy band formation!

As the Christmas Nazi, I made sure that Christmas in miscellaneous flat, Auckland was going to start off the right way by opening presents in the morning of December 25. I don’t know if you have heard, UK, but the rest of Europe open their presents at 12am Christmas Day. So what time does Santa come then? Honestly!

Anyway, once the morning festivities were “wrapped up” – harr harr – we did what any respectable backpacker in New Zealand would do for Christmas: go to the beach!

Ok, so it wasn’t sunny at all, but I swear it was shorts weather. I had one mission for Cheltenham Beach in Devonport: to get photos on the beach with Santa hats on because I am one ironic bitch. Mission accomplished.

After taking a dip in the surprisingly mild sea and throwing a Nerf rocket around, we retreated back to the flat for some old fashioned bonding over a board game.

It wasn’t long before the bitches got in their rightful place: the kitchen. We had Anastasiya on the Russian salad, me on the English roast (chicken, stuffing and roast potatoes), and Maria had already prepared the Finnish salad. Maria could then reward herself by playing video games with The Incredible Sulk a.k.a. The Grinch a.k.a. Robin, while we slaved over a hot stove.

Bitchin' Kitchen

Bitchin’ Kitchen

As Lana Del Rey would say: "Playing video games."

As Lana Del Rey would say: “Playing video games.”

We slaved and slaved until finally, we had the weirdest Christmas dinner concoction. To top it all off, we enjoyed my $1.20 Christmas crackers. They were, as expected, super shit.

crap toys

Whoever designed these toys should be ashamed of themselves.

Drink and board games occurred until we got too tipsy and tired to function.


As this Christmas and generally being in New Zealand has taught me, creating fun memories is the greatest gift! As long as you do things with a Santa hat on…

My 10 avid followers have probably been wondering why the hell I haven’t blogged in a couple of months. My daily dose of writing has been transferred elsewhere, Backpacker Guide NZ. Strangely enough, this website is about everything you need to know about backpacking and working holidays in New Zealand.


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