20 Hours in Lake Tekapo

Oh New Zealand, how you continue to surprise me. All it takes is super blue lakes, tussock lands and an Alps backdrop. Then my camera shutter is shutting like doors on a Jehovah’s Witness.

So… Lake Tekapo, 20 hours, one solo traveller, and a backpacker’s budget. What’s a girl to do? First of all, you get a token shot of The Church of the Good Shepherd – the most photographed church in New Zealand for its slightly raised location overlooking Lake Tekapo to the Southern Alps.

church tekapo

Next, you grab an unsuspecting Swedish guy and hike up Mt John. The walk to the summit and observatory circuit begins by the pools and ice rink. It’s not long up the mountain until you reach tussock land with rock outcrops.

I was half expecting an orc to jump out from behind one of the rocks.


As with a lot of New Zealand, there were some sheep. And please take a moment to appreciate how blue the water is.


Finally, by nightfall Lake Tekapo is famous for its clear stargazing opportunities. Unlike all travel bloggers, I only have a point-and-shoot camera. Hard times. So apologies for the lack of stargazing pictures on this post.


Alas, it would seem I did not do a lot in 20 hours. However, it could be seen that Lake Tekapo can make a big impression in such a small amount of time. Additionally, it pleased a geek like me by making me feel like I was in The Lord of the Rings.



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