7 Awesome Activities you can do at Blue Duck Station

Somewhere deep into the Manawatu-Whanganui region is Blue Duck Station. The farm conserves the rare Blue Duck, which is a duck with lips by the way. Can you imagine? With a host of farmy activities, Blue Duck Station is a cool place to come with a group of fellow backpackers. Simply enjoy the New Zealand countryside, beautiful rivers, farm life, and each other’s company.

1. Horse riding

Horse trekking in this sort of terrain was much more enjoyable than a previous horse trek mentioned. There is the opportunity to trot while on the trek and even practice cantering in the fields.

2. Kayaking

A short trip takes you through a tunnel, under fallen trees and to small waterfalls trickling down steep walls.

3. Axe Throwing

Learn how to wield an axe, defeat your foes, and attract a mate!

4. Clay pigeon shooting

Shoot a gun like this pro below…

5. 4×4 touring

Stand on the back of the 4×4 for some tree-in-the-face action.

6. Blue duck spotting

So on this occasion, we didn’t see a Blue Duck. The groups after us did though. Good for them. I’m not bitter. What we did see a bunch of seashell fossils, proving that, indeed, New Zealand was pushed up from the sea.

Seashell fossils. Bizarre.

Seashell fossils. Bizarre.

7. Dog hugging


She looks sad but she likes cuddles really...

She looks sad but she likes cuddles really… And thanks, Mitch, for the photo bomb.


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