Backpacker Jobs in New Zealand #1: Airline Catering Kitchen Bitch

Airline food bitches

Airline food bitches

What totally random job can you get for winter in Queenstown? Airline catering bitch! Making heaps of mash potato, deep frying obscene amounts of chicken, searing stupid amounts of chicken thighs… just a few things I got to enjoy this winter to pay the bills. 

As stated previously, Queenstown had an influx of keen winter workers but not enough jobs. So I went with the first job that came along: being a kitchen hand. A more apt title would have been “chef’s bitch”. I answered to every beckoning call from opening the oven door to grabbing the cookies for break.

Several other backpackers were also employed for the winter season, which gave us all a good excuse to muck about with a work BBQ and a handful of nights out in Queenstown.

Other than these lovely people, the highlights of my days working for the airline catering company can be depicted from my social media updates:

Riveting… another example of people oversharing on social media. I also liked to watch the planes and helicopters like an 8-year-old boy.


Working here was one of those places that you only talk about with fellow workmates. It’s an example of working to fund the awesome ‘holiday’ part of the working holiday. When people from home are eager to know “how’s the job going?”, all I can say is that it’s “going… going to help me fund my snowboarding and drinking habits”.

What did I learn from this job? A major advantage of working with food is saving money on buying food. A disadvantage is having your eyes opened to the amount of food wastage.

Thankfully, my new job is completely freakin’ awesome! More on that later… I leave you with the view of my walk to work at the airline catering place:

A remarkable view of the Remarkables.


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