Flatting in Queenstown, New Zealand: What it’s Like to Live with 16 People and Sleep in the Garage

The Garage: Where I live...

The Garage: Where I live…

Here it is: my biggest adventure to date. Living in a house with 16 other people. Not only that, but I live in the garage. Is this legal? Who knows. Is it insane? Probably. But during the housing crisis Queenstown seemed to have at the beginning of the winter season, a garage was the way forward. Nevertheless, I am still here.

Why Flatting?

Flatting is the cheaper option when staying somewhere in New Zealand long term. It feels a lot more homely than staying in a hostel. Plus, I only have to share a bedroom with one other girl rather than 5 others in a dorm.

For me, I pay a week’s rent deposit and pay rent weekly. In this property, we are not bound by a six month lease, so we can leave at anytime as long as we give about 10 days notice.

Advantages of living with 16 people

Dominos Pizza Night!

It’s easy to make awesome friends! Obviously with 17 of us, it is impossible to feel lonely. If you walk into the kitchen chances are there is someone to talk to, even at 2am. The majority of us are like-minded by doing a working holiday in New Zealand, better yet, working and playing in Queenstown. Thanks to my housemates I have had friends to go hiking, snowboarding and nights out with.

Dragging Kristy up Queenstown Hill

Dragging Kristy up Queenstown Hill

Night out with the housemates in Queenstown

Disadvantage of living with 16 other people

Surprisingly, no, really surprisingly, the house isn’t a shit tip. This is largely due to the landlord and his girlfriend also living here. There is a bit of conflict when it comes to dirty dishes, which is expressed through notes:

My favourite note that unfortunately was taken down before I could take a picture said: “If you poo, pls flush. If it stay, pls brush.” Classic.

So what about this garage?

What can I say? It’s a garage. There are five of us living in here. Don’t worry, we have heaters and I invested in an electric blanket. I share a room with Amy, a top notch girl from Korea, so I am happy to share a room with her. Additionally, we have different work schedules so I have the room to myself a lot of the time.

Property Pictures

The house itself is pretty nice with decking and a spa pool that is hardly ever on. You can take the virtual tour by browsing through the gallery below. I mean, I’d invite you round but there simply is no room for another person. The amount of washing displayed in this gallery really emphasises the amount of people living here.


Here, I shall answer the big question. No, there is not a long queue for the toilet or the shower.


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