Minus 5° ICE BAR in Queenstown Review

ice bar signWelcome to one of Queenstown’s tourist traps: Minus 5° ICE BAR. The bar is a walk-in freezer with everything made from ice including the glasses for your cocktail. A cool idea that when put into practice is only enjoyable for about 10 minutes. Shocker: it’s freezing!

Great for those people who like to eat ice.

Great for those people who like to eat the ice from their drink.

Queenstown is known for its vibrant nightlife, so it wouldn’t be complete without an ice bar or two – no seriously, there are two ice bars and that’s just within the town itself. A misconception of the ice bar is that it has a bar atmosphere. Certainly with my experience it did not. My friend Lisa and I were the only ones there for the first 10 minutes. We were then joined by a family who took pictures, drank half their drinks, then left five minutes later. Minus 5° isn’t exactly party central.

ice bar 2

Wow, it’s buzzin’ in here!

At least we had a super enthusiastic barmaid – probably just happy to have someone to serve –who kitted us with long coats and gloves before entering the bar. Although it was the shame the floor wasn’t ice as well, the ice sculptures were the highlight of this experience.

The barmaid left Lisa and I to make the most out of our photo session. A cycle of different coloured lighting did not make it so easy to appreciate the sculptures via photos. As you can see, we gave it a good go.

I lurve horses.

I lurve horses.

Mask doesn't fit.

Mask doesn’t fit.

I am the Ice Queen and I have an Ice Throne!

I am the Ice Queen and I have an Ice Throne!



At $30 for entry and one cocktail, you would have to be mad to pay full-price here. Tourist pamphlets and Bookme.co.nz offer half price discounts, so you should never pay full price. That said, missing out Minus 5° ICE BAR on a visit to Queenstown wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Maybe I am just still miffed that my photos didn’t turn out too good.


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