Free Things to do in Queenstown: Queenstown Hill Walk

Queenstown Hill Plack

When you feel like you are going to expire by just climbing the road leading to the Queenstown Hill walk is when you know you have a tough hike in front of you. Or you are disgustingly unfit. Then again, making it to the summit feels much more of an achievement. 

I have never loved a pile of rocks more.

I have never loved a pile of rocks more.

There are many ways to see Queenstown from above. And to see views of places you have seen views from is enough to blow anyone’s mind. An example is the view of Bob’s Peak – previously conquered and bragged about here.

Skyline gondola looking all gondola-like

Skyline gondola looking all gondola-like

The Queenstown Hill walk is a 2 – 2.5 hour return walk taking you through a fur tree forest and emerging into rolling grasslands. The start of the trail can be found at Belfast Terrace.


Information boards on the history of Queenstown break up the walk for a well-needed breather. You have to stop and pretend to educate yourself, right? Yeah, like my brain is getting enough oxygen to hold this information…

Another interesting sight along the way are the stacked rocks. People get very arty with rocks in New Zealand which adds a nice touch to a walk and more photo opportunities.

A sneak peak through the trees teases you with views over Queenstown and The Remarkables, as the climb continues.

What is that I see over yonder?

What is that I see over yonder?

Finally, emerging from the trees, you are greeted with grasslands, remarkable views, and some art called The Basket of Dreams. But wait, you are not at the summit yet. Darn.

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One last push to the top and you’ve made it! The views from Queenstown Hill are my favourite views of the Queenstown area yet. Take a look for yourself. Now you need not walk it:

– A shout out and thanks to my American-but-more-like-Australian housemate, Kristy, for achieving this walk with me –


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