Cool Places for Backpackers to Stay in New Zealand: Bazil’s Hostel, Westport

Nothing says 'chilled' like a hammock.

Nothing says ‘chilled’ like a hammock.

Accommodation: Bazil’s Hostel
Location: Westport, West Coast, New Zealand
Rate: 6 bed dorm $29 per night, with BBH membership $25

Finally, a hostel with character! Many hostel’s use the line “a home away from home”, but Bazil’s Hostel, with it’s cosy fireplace and grandmother’s chairs, actually deserves to use this slogan – although it does not. This mixed with free WiFi, made the living area in Bazil’s the perfect blogging environment. 

Clearly I took advantage of the WiFi for Instagram photos.

Clearly, I took advantage of the WiFi for Instagram photos.

Another refreshing aspect of this hostel was the sufficient amount of pots and pans – my brother would probably rip me for this because instead of thinking about the fun I would have travelling, I was obsessing over access to pots and pans before coming to NZ. In all seriousness, in the NZ hostels I have stayed in so far, what pans were left were usually rank. Although it was a small kitchen at Bazil’s, if you use the kitchen just before rush hour, it is a nice kitchen to work in. Plus, free tea and coffee.

The aforementioned ‘character’ comes into play with the quirky seating arrangements and vintage bikes – my best bud, Helen at, would approve I think 😉 If you feel safe riding these bad boys, you can help yourself to taking the bikes to town or down to the beach. Like most NZ towns, you are not far away from anything you might want to visit in town.

Some girls in our group tried and tested these to the beach and lived to tell the tale, so they are indeed rideable.

Some girls in our group tried and tested these to the beach and lived to tell the tale, so they are indeed rideable.

Take a seat in Grandmother's coffee table area.

Take a seat in Grandmother’s coffee table area.

In other news, someone got a little too cosy in my bed…

cat on my bed

When I arrived at Bazil’s, there were two cats. By the time I left, I thought there was one, as it got run over on the road outside, which is especially unfortunate because there are hardly any cars on the road in NZ towns. Turns out the cat is Ok, people!


Things to do in Westport

If only staying one night – not much. Westport is a little coal mining town, which is very proud of this fact.

Wheyyy! Coal mining!

Wheyyy! Coal mining!

Alternatively, Westport beach is full of wood for a beach bonfire. This combined with a clear night for stare gazing and stuffing your fat face with marshmallows is a pretty sweet way to spend an evening.

Feed me!

Feed me, Lisa and Steph!

#kiwiexperience beach bonfire #ivehadthetimeofmylife #Westport

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Like what you see? Here’s how to get to Bazil’s Hostel.



The road to Westport, with majestic mountains on one side and the Buller river on the other, is nice on the eyes. Then again, most sights from the roads of NZ are darn amazing.

road to westport

Is there a hostel you have stayed in which was surprisingly awesome? Please let me know! I would love to stay in a cool hostel like Bazil’s again. 



5 responses to “Cool Places for Backpackers to Stay in New Zealand: Bazil’s Hostel, Westport

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  2. How was the Silverfern Hostel? I’m landing in mid July and have used Working Holiday Starter too, so I will be staying there. Any do’s or dont’s?


    • Silverfern was the first hostel I had ever stayed in, but I felt comfortable there. With WHS you get a 4-bed dorm and when I arrived just over a month ago I only shared it with one guy for most of the time. Chances are it’ll be similar for you since it’s winter.

      One issue I did have with the place were the flies in the kitchen. They were all over the walls and sometimes flying into my food – pretty gross.

      Make sure you label your food! They provide labels. And there’s free tea and coffee 😉

      I will make it my mission to write a detailed blogpost very soon about Silverfern Hostel.

      What sort of dos and don’t are you looking for? Dos and donts about the hostel, or about a working holiday in NZ in general?

      Hope that info helps. Thanks for getting in touch 😀


      • Thanks for the quick reply! Awesome tidbits of information.

        Do’s/Don’ts for Auckland I assume. We plan to stay there and find a job right away. Were you there for long?


      • I stayed there for 10 nights which, for me, was too long. Probably because I was really eager to start seeing New Zealand and get to Queenstown in time for winter.

        When I was there I did the coast to coast walk, rangitoto island, sky tower, went to a shopping outlet (you can find these on my blog 😉 ) – which are things I would recommend doing in Auckland.


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