Free Things to do in Coromandel: Walk to Cathedral Cove

The photo EVERYONE gets at Cathedral Cove. I didn't want to break the tradition did I?

The photo EVERYONE gets at Cathedral Cove. I didn’t want to break the tradition.

New Zealand would be a geography teacher’s dream, I imagine. Cathedral Cove is one of many intriguing coastal areas of New Zealand formed by erosion and weathering. The cove is host to the iconic arch and pillar seen in so many holiday makers’ photos. Why not add to the extensive number of photos by taking your own? It’s so fun being a tourist.

Cathedral Cove was one of the stop-offs on the Kiwi Experience bus I am currently travelling on. Any walk by Kiwi bus standards seems to be measured by whether you can do it in ‘jandals’ – New Zealand word for flip flops – or not. Indeed, the 30-45 minute walk from the car park just out of Hahei to Cathedral Cove is achievable in jandals. Between you and me, it is more comfortable in nerdy ‘tramping’ shoes.

Where the hell is Cathedral Cove?


Along the walk, there are plenty of strategically placed view points (I realise view points are meant to be strategically placed) for beautiful photo opportunities. When you get down to Cathedral Cove, it is usually safe to have a swim unlike it’s fairly close neighbour Hot Water Beach.

Disclaimer: I did not swim on the cool autumn’s day of which I visited said Cathedral Cove. You could, however, find me here:



If you have a couple of hours to spare in the Coromandel, this is a lovely spot to stroll to. Please refer to gallery for visual information:


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