Free Things to do in Auckland: Coast to Coast Walk (Highlights)

Mt Eden

That’s a crater, that is. View from Mt Eden.

Time taken: 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Price: FREE

When you land in Auckland no doubt you will notice the green extinct volcanos dotted about the landscape. Don’t you just want to go to them? The Coast to Coast Walk, takes you through the ‘green’ highlights of Auckland including Mt Eden and One Tree Hill. Find the route map the Auckland Council website or pick up a free Central Auckland map. 

Admittedly, my hostel roommate, Andras, and I didn’t go from coast to coast but picked up the route at Auckland’s huge park, Auckland Domain. After reaching the summit of One Tree Hill, we headed back to the bus stop to catch the yellow Outer Link bus back into the centre of Auckland ($1.90 fare). Lazy or genius?

The Coast to Coast Walk is signposted, however, the signs are easily missed by drongos like me so it’s best to take a map. The urban areas where I did manage to stick to the route consisted of beautiful houses I want to live in and a healthcare street otherwise known as Mountain Rd.

As long as you hit the highlights such as Mt Eden, Cornwall Park (they have a cheeky tree trail), and One Tree Hill, then there is much to be admired. A great way to see Auckland.

The map for your viewing pleasure. Via Auckland Council.


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