Things to do in Auckland: Sky Tower

Just in case ya didn’t know 😉 (View is of Auckland bridge)

Cost: Adult $28, Working Holiday Starter Member: free
Date went: 16 May 2014 (autumn)
Time taken: 30-45 minutes for the Main Observation Level and Sky Deck.

Oh Sky Tower, you are so dramatic. The view that slaps you in the face as the elevator doors open is sensational. On a sunny autumn day I found myself slowly walking towards the tall curved glass, with eyes frantically trying to take in the blue sky, sea and the city that moulds into green extinct volcanos.

view of mt eden

Hello, Mt Eden

Dramatics begin with the elevator ride up to the 186m Main Observation Level. The bottom of the elevator shaft shoots away from you as you look through the thick glass floor. Being a Billy-no-mates, I take my toe selfie or ‘telfie’ (thanks Chris), without the disturbance of other feet.

toe selfie 3

Oh hey, foot!

There is a lot to take in when you have a 360 degree view of Auckland, so the information about what you can see is displayed on railings in front of the particular view you are looking at. Just in front of the windows are more glass floors, which my toes are happy to demonstrate:

toe selfie 2

There are signs assuring you not to worry, the glass is as strong as the concrete floor. So your fat ass won’t go flying through the floor.

34m higher and you have reached the Sky Deck, not that it makes much difference to the views. With bean bags to lazy in and less people than the level below, the Sky Deck is a relaxing place to appreciate the urban scenery and watch tiny boats sail by.

Relaxed and putting my feet up

Relaxed and putting my feet up

It seems a few companies below the Sky Tower have taken the opportunity to advertise to their unusual audience above. Of course, McDonald’s is on that like a tramp on, well, McDonald’s.

The staff live up to the friendly Kiwi reputation. One lady lets me take the exclusive-but-probably-not stairs to the Sky Cafe where I have a crackin’ latte with Robin from Working Holiday Starter. Drinking coffee 182m above Auckland, is the only way to drink coffee, of course. Try to avoid the side of the cafe with the sun on, though…


Sky Tower is such an iconic landmark that you can easily be drawn in. As my first spectacular view in New Zealand, and likely anyone’s who stay in Auckland when they first get to NZ, it is a memorable experience. There are other activities to do here such as the Sky Jump or Sky Walk, but as Robin pointed out, there are much better places to do adrenaline-fuelled activities outside of Auckland.


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