Travelling from London to Auckland via Los Angeles with Air New Zealand

This week I left York-’shire’ for The Shire. Finally, after two days of travel I am here in Silverfern Hostel, Auckland, New Zealand. So while the journey is still sort of fresh in my jet-lagged mind, here is a review on the company I spent the majority if my travel time with: Air New Zealand.

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Let’s cut to the chase. Forget lifejackets and oxygen masks, it is the movies that save your life on a long haul flight. There was a varied selection of new films on the individual in-flight entertainment screens. For example, my viewing went as follows:

Despite the disappointment of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 not being part of the selection – a hope I conveyed here – Batman in The LEGO Movie made up for it. The LEGO Movie was surprisingly much more hilarious than Anchorman 2, as I feel like I had seen the latter before, oh yeah, Anchorman. Maybe it was because I was tired but The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was a life not worth staying awake for. I am also going to blame my tiredness on getting all teary eyed at Saving Mr Banks. That’s just an idea of some of the ‘New Onboard’ films, there were many more I would have watched too.


My goodness, Air New Zealand feed you like you’re little hobbitses in need of their many meals such as elevenses and supper. Not only do you get two meals on each flight, but you get quite the amount. With the choice of either chicken pesto or beef curry there was also the token roll with butter, cheese n’ crackers, and chocolate and orange flavoured ice cream. When it came to the afternoon ‘snack’, you were faced with either an egg mayonnaise sandwich or a chicken caeser sandwich with a scone, clotted cream and jam, and fruit. The scone and fruit defeated me on their own.

A choice of complementary beverages from wine to tea was a bonus. Being the sassy so-and-so that I am, I took advantage of the tea and apple juice.

Sometime on the second flight I completely missed supper, as it was 3am according to my body clock. Breakfast included the refreshing option of fruit, yoghurt and a muffin. Yum.


As you would expect with any airline, the hosts and hostesses were all smiles, except one was a bit radgey about closing overhead lockers like a mother might nag her son for leaving dirty socks everywhere. How many times did she have to tell them?!

Anyhow, one particular incident where hostesses were willing to go the extra mile was on the first flight. Two ladies sitting next to me had trouble with one of the headphone sockets so one of the cabin crew found another place for them both.

I hope those ladies enjoyed their new seats because I enjoyed the two seats they left behind! People would walk past with envy in their eyes as they saw me sprawled across three seats with a couple of complimentary cushions and blankets. I wish the same could have been said about the second flight. Sleeping upright and uncomfortably like the rest of the economy class punters is no fun.

Transiting in Los Angeles…

… is by no means exciting. It’s a bit depressing when you only see a bit of LA when you fly over it. People continuing the flight from LAX to AUK were ushered into a gate where we went through a mini customs but could not leave the area – probably a good idea to keep things simple. In true Air New Zealand style, there was food available during the two-hour wait.

My social media-mad fingers, that couldn’t wait to Instagram the views I had photographed, welcomed the free WIFI.

winter view plane

Quite possibly Greenland. The land that ain’t so green.


USA! USA! I love me some mountains.

USA! USA! I love me some mountains.


The combination of the price (£612 single) and the fact that it is the closest thing to a direct flight to Auckland makes flying with Air New Zealand stress free. I was able to keep entertained and sleep relatively well in an unnatural curled up position. Weirdly enough, that day of travelling with Air NZ felt like it went quite quickly. Would I choose them again? I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can fly back home with Air NZ for a similar price next year.


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