There And Not Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale (How I am Travelling to New Zealand)

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1 - Is this post really needed? Probably not. I am sure most determined people can find their way across the world. Nevertheless, here is a quick one on how I am getting to New Zealand starting from a small town in North Yorkshire and ending in Silverfern Hostel, Auckland. My aim is to get there with a fine balance of ease and minimal costs. 

Northallerton to London Kings Cross (2 hours 30 minutes)

Disclaimer: My plans for this part of the trip have changed, as my dad is driving me to Heathrow Airport… But my original plan was most marvellous.

I booked a train ticket to from Northallerton (in North Yorkshire) to London Kings Cross with the Grand Central for… £9.90!

“How does that even happen?!” I hear you cry at your screen right now. Well let me tell you. I booked three months in advance and I have a young persons rail card, which gives you a third off the ticket price. But still, without a rail card that would be around £14. Not bad. Advice for the day: when you have booked your flight, book all previous public transport as soon as possible for a mighty fine discount.

London Kings Cross to London Heathrow (1 hour)

Via Underground, take the Piccadilly line all the way to Heathrow Terminals 1-3. Because this journey passes through fare zone 1-6, paying by cash is £5.70 or Oyster card at peak times is £5 or Oyster off-peak is £3. The Piccally train runs every 5-10 minutes-ish… it’s frequent, Ok!

London Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport (11 hours 30 minutes)

The most common way to New Zealand is transiting somewhere in Asia. However, it seems like a right farce! You would have to change planes or change airlines once or twice , whilst trying to avoid Malaysia Airlines. Who needs that? I couldn’t really find anything decent for less than £760.

After much research and consideration, I found that flying the other way around via Los Angeles with Air New Zealand seems much less stressful. And by booking it three months in advance, it cost £612.

This flight has personal entertainment systems on the back of each seat (woohoo! I am hoping the new Spider-Man is on there) and there is an on-flight meal. I can’t wait for the token bread bun with the butter that is too hard to spread.

Los Angeles International Airport to Auckland Airport (13 hours)

The flight transits in Los Angeles for two hours. Because the same plane then goes on to NZ, I don’t have to faff on with collecting baggage. I do, however, have to go through the usual security checks, which includes having an ESTA.

After security checks, I then have access to the terminal area. Word on the street is Los Angeles Airport is gargantuan! I shall confirm this when I get there, without getting lost hopefully.

I am nabbing some dollars from my dad, who has some left over from our holiday about 11 years ago. Have you ever heard of currency exchange, Dad? At least this way I’ll have some dollars to spend in the terminal for food and tacky souvenirs.

Onwards to Auckland!

Auckland Airport to Silverfern Hostel (45 minutes)

Working Holiday Starter, the company who is helping me, well, start my working holiday, has booked me a Super Shuttle from the airport right to Silverfern Hostel’s doorstep. These are the instructions given thus far:

“To find your Super Shuttle, just exit from the airport terminal by the door #8 & look on your left for this shuttle:”


Let’s hope it’s that easy.

Travel cost in total: £626.90 (not including the inevitable food spend)
Total time: 32 hours 45 minutes (including arriving 2 hours before flight and transit)

Fun Fact: Somewhere between Los Angeles and Auckland, I will have lost a day of my life because of the time zones.


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